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Succulent: Ledeburia 'Silver Squill'

  • $ 2200

Latin Name: Ledebouria socialis 'Violacea'

This bulb, also refered to as 'Wood Hyacinth,' has a distinctive tear-drop shape. The striking leaves are silver and sprinkled with green spots with a violet on the underside. During the growing season, the bulbs will shoot up stems with tiny bell-shaped violet flowers. This plant is native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and comes as shown in a 4" standard terra cotta pot.

Light requirements: Full sun to part-sun (6-4 hrs per day)

Water requirements: Allow soil to fully dry out between watering (every 7-10 days). Soak when watering until water flows through the pot's drainage hole. Keep drier during winter dormancy to encourage flowering in the growing season.

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