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Succulent: Huernia 'Lifesaver Plant'

  • $ 1500

Latin Name: Huernia zebrina

Popular for its unique flowers, the huernia zebrina is a low growing succulent with toothy stems that range from dark green to slightly dark purple.  The flowers are the real stars, however.  The blossoms are 5-pointed yellow stars with coppery red pattern and a thick red banded center, reminiscent of the Lifesaver candy.  This plant comes potted in one of our signature Snug Harbor Farm cactus pots, designed by owner Anthony Elliott and hand thrown by potters.

Light requirements: Full sun to part-sun (6-4 hrs per day)

Water requirements: Allow soil to fully dry out between watering (every 7-10 days). Soak when watering until water flows through the pot's drainage hole.

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