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Succulent: Echeveria 'Mexican Snow Ball'

  • $ 3800

Latin Name: Echeveria elegans

This echeveria, also known as the Mexican Gem or Mexican Rose, is characterized by its tight, pale blue-green rosettes. If grown in bright light, the rosettes can take on a pink blush. During the growing season, this succulent will send up pink-stemmed flowers that bloom pink with yellow tips. This echeveria comes potted in one of our 6" Sularia lava pots, designed by owner Anthony Elliott and hand thrown by potters. The porous nature of the pot negates the need for a drainage hole.  Any excess moisture will escape through the pot.

Light requirements: Full sun to par-sun (6-4 hrs per day)

Water requirements: Allow soil to fully dry out between watering (every 7-10 days). Soak when watering until water flows through the pot's drainage hole.

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