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Houseplant: Hoya 'Tricolor Wax Plant'

  • $ 3800

Latin Name: Hoya carnosa variegata 'Tricolor'

This is the classic wax plant with leaves lined in white and pink, in addition to the green. Occasionally, this Hoya will have stems of bright pink and will shoot out solid white leaves. A stunner when it eventually puts out creamy white flower clusters. The plant come potted in one of our Snug Harbor Farm Ada Urn terra cotta pots, designed by owner Anthony Elliot and hand thrown by potters.

Light requirements: Bright indirect light.

Water requirements: Less is more in terms of watering.  Waiting for a visual cue like puckering leaves is advisable.  During growing season, give it a deep watering once a week if needed and less frequently during winter months. Soak until water flows freely from the drainage hole.

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