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Succulent: Sempervivum 'Oddity Houseleek'

  • $ 2200

Latin Name: Sempervivum tector 'Oddity'

A true oddity among succulents, this plant leaves curl under and resemble tube-like quills. New offshoots will spread, creating a c lustered mat. While this succulent has the capability to bloom, blooms are produced infrequently even when thriving. This sempervivum was develop by an American succulent enthusiast in the 1970s and comes as shown in a 4" standard terra cotta pot.

Light requirements: Full sun to part-sun (6-4 hrs per day)

Water requirements: Allow soil to fully dry out between watering (every 7-10 days). Soak when watering until water flows through the pot's drainage hole.

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