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Houseplant: Asparagus 'Foxtail Fern'

  • $ 4300

Latin Name: Asparagus densiflorus 'Meyersii'

This beautiful house plant is easy to grow and some say more decorative than its close relative, the asparagus fern. Foxtail fern is not a true fern, but a member of the lily family. It's also in the same family as the edible asparagus vegetable. The plant comes potted in one of our Snug Harbor Farm Chalice terra cotta pots, designed by owner Anthony Elliot and hand thrown by potters.

Light requirements: Bright light.

Water requirements:  Water once or twice a week, depending on light and humidity, and let soil dry out a bit between waterings.  Soak until water flows freely through the drainage hole. This plant prefers humidity so you can mist between waterings.

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